How I became a Writer

I love writing and over the years I’ve encountered many people who wanted to write a book. In fact many people have it on their bucket list of things to do before they die.

I decided to take the leap this year after the success of my podcast Sunshiny Thoughts and write my first book.

Writing the book. ” How to Stop Believing the Lies of the Enemy ” was a three week process. First I had to get words on paper. I committed myself to daily writing time. I found if I didn’t set specific time aside that I didn’t write at all.

Then was the editing process. While I can tell a story well, I need help with punctuation and making it sound better. Lucky for me my friend Dana was an expert at this.

The process of writing is full of growth, learning, and finding your voice. I’ll discuss this process in our new series. If you would love to write a book, stay tuned for more tips

Shawnee Eirich, Writer Administrator

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